Thursday, September 25, 2014

this one's for me

"the breeze is orchestrating a complicated ballet
between the leaves.
the dance is on."

the leaves swirl and crackle
spinning up and circling 'round, like shaping some invisible structure outside my window.
the winds of fall
the circling of earth and seasons

my heart is softened in the midst of change
whose isn't?

i'm often surprised how much lasts through these changes
like the old lamp to my left,
like the rings on my finger.
the past is sometimes more present than we think
or realize.

like how stories can affect us so,
surpassing time and culture and the separation of a screen
with actors retelling what has been.

my heart is softened
by pictures of family far away.
family ...
it makes me rethink my own wanderlust
and my priorities of self.

where would I be without their love?
I would not exist without love.
None of us would.

this is what I come back to in the swirl and circles of change.
I am here for love,
I'm not without anything
if I have love.

and this love is beyond what I think it is
it is beyond feeling, even.
it chases us through the past
into the present
and beyond, into our promising futures.
love comes both before and long after us.

it will never end.

"all the world is
conspiring for me.
the dance, the dance

everything everywhere nourishes my growth
the dance is on.

let it be known
i can hear the music in all things.
today it's on,
this one's for me."

{ Mamuse, Garden Song }

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Whitney said...

We miss your words.